I've just arrived in LA, "the City of Angels", after a long haul flight from London - but the angels were looking after me, with a whole bank of seats to myself! So I feel peaceful and well rested. As we were flying over California, it felt pretty magical, and I'm really looking forwards to being up in the National Sequoia Park - looks stunning.

If you've been on the fence for this one waiting till the last minute, well now is the last minute! It's a big centre, so we have bags of room. Get in touch with Aspasia if you want to book in: admin@openhandweb.org

It looks very much as if we'll have the angels looking after us, and synchronistically I just got invited to speak at the Global Angellic Summit in early 2020, details to follow, so it's angels all round. Appropriately I felt to leave you with this song by the angellic Sarah Mclachlan.

See you down the angellic flow!

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