Hi Artonawt,

Thanks for your sharing - it's a very important issue. Here at Openhand, we always working back to the self-realisation aspect - which is what the Universe is always doing through us, assuming we allow it to. It means we'll always find an answer to our problems by going back to first principles.

I would say it would only be the very unscrupulous and misguided who would purposefully put dumbing down implants in someone's field to limit them. I doubt very much whether that has happened here.

But often what can happen, is that Opposing Consciousness will feed into spiritual practices if we're not vigilant.

To me, there are two key problems with Reiki and what you've shared:

1). Reiki can be very prescriptive and rigid. Mind led intention is a key channel which opens doorways for Opposing Consciousness to get in - when one always approaches a situation in a specific way. I know there are Reiki practitioners who are becoming much more flexible in their approach because of this.
2). I would be extremely wary of allowing others to do attunements on you. Another healer/facilitator can resonate a vibration, but it is always up to you to integrate your own vibration. In other words, it can only be you that self-realises your own vibration.

So if you found your psychic skills and sensitivity downgraded afterwards, you could see it as an important marker to change the way you approach your evolution. To depend less on someone out there 'fixing things' for you, and instead work with people that empower you to make your own realisations.

If you gain this from the experience, I would say it was a lesson well learned.

Wishing you well

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