Hi Alex, since Thomas hasn't replied yet, I felt I'd jump in and offer the Openhand perspective on angels and starsouls.

I think it's important to say that there are different 'categorisations' and experiences that people will probably recall in different ways - that sometimes get lumped together.

When we use the term 'starsoul', it generally refers to souls who've traveled here from different constellations. These are not what you would call 'angels'.

In my knowing, there are different categories of angels. To me, the main form of these are 'perfected beings' (although all are always working on something). They're beings that have fully self-realised, ascended but decided to come back to support the evolution of others. These 'angels' may also be from parallel universes come to help the emergence of this Universe on its journey to nirvana.

And there is another group that 'sits in the 4D', having also journied greatly, but perhaps not yet at the evolution of the former group. Sometimes these are known as 'the watchers' - they are here to bring awareness to the immediate situation we face (for example) here on earth within the shift. And they guide souls that pass on into the angellic realm. Right now, there is a veritable web of such souls all around the earth in the 4D to support this passing on - especially as the shift culimates. It's not a closed web at all, but with openings out of the 3D and into a wider interconnection with the Universe.

Finally I have come across people who feel as if they are embodied angels, here and now. They can even feel like they've had, or have, energetic wings. Probably most of these have come from the group we might call 'the watchers'.

That's the Openhand take on it.

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