Hi Thomas,
I’m really glad you posted this. I used to be very cynical about angels - strictly the territory of ‘marshmallows’ (pink fluffy people who give you a ‘sugar high’ but no real substance in the spiritual world) but then something happened which completely changed my perspective.
When my husband died I was waiting to feel his soul/spirit leave and after about 20 mins I felt a powerful energy in the room. It felt different from the way this sort of thing normally feels, but it was hardly a normal situation so I dismissed it. A year or so later when I began my spiritual journey in earnest I was at a workshop and unbeknownst to me part of it was working with angels. Oh no – not angels!! I raised my hand and asked to be excused from this as I didn’t want to spoil anyone else’s experience. The tutor suggested I work with her assistant instead, which I did. Despite my problem with angels I did my best to connect with them and was astonished to find that the energy was unmistakably the same as the one I had felt when my husband died. Instant conversion and reinforcement of your statement that ‘angels are here to help us with the transition at the end of our lives’. 
As you say, not easy to wrap your mind around, but, to me undoubtedly real!