Dear Pam,

thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. The best way is always to experience something yourself and to see whether it feels right or not. In my lower mind, angels were linked to church and religion and I clearly had some difficult encounters with religion in more than one past life, so angels were on board with that Sentiment.

Angels are mostly seen in the religious context, however have arrived in the spiritual mainstream for a while. Still, much that is connected to angels is being pretty shallow nowadays. Just recently and out of curiosity, I visited the international angel congress (Engelkongress) in Salzburg, Austria - which is the largest official congress on angels worldwide with some maybe fourhundred people from various countries. The feeling was fluffy, rose-coloured and a bit dampened. The participants were ninety percent women above fifty years, so me, a young man of just above thirty was really an exception. It was nice, although it felt a bit artificial.

Open, i thought about a favourite angel song, and actually i didn't find one yet. I'll let you know once this changes :)

Heartfelt greetings,