Dear angels,

i had the angels and Open cleary signifying to me to write another chapter here in the angelic space. So let us look at the most exciting topic when it comes to being an angel. If you come from the angelic realm or do have another connection to the angelic realm it is probable that you have etheric wings.

So how to recognize whether you have wings?

Almost fifteen years ago i started to have this numb sensation in the middle of my back but conveniently ignored it. Over the years this small numbness turned into a more and more painful back so i would not be able to properly sit for longer periods of time. One moment i had the notion, hey, maybe these are the anchoring points for wings, but i thought this was nonsense at the time. A couple of years ago a dear friend of mine told me, hey, Thomas, you are an angel and you have to accept your identity and your wings. Then i realized that the pain in my back was really related to my non-acceptance of my angelic Quality and the wings that were exactly located at that point directly on the back side of the heart chakra. So this was it!

So how to develop your angelic wings? If you have the notion that you do have angelic wings, don't discard it right away but meditate on it and feel deep into that point in the back of the heart chakra to find more clarity about your being. 

Here is a short meditation to familiarize yourself with the angelic energies and your angelic beingness.

- Prepare a quiet place, and light a bright candle.
- Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Connect consciously to your team of guides, angels and ascended masters and the angelic realm
- Connect to all your higher selves thourghout all dimensions
- Visualise pure, gleaming white universal light, like snow crystals, flowing through your crown chakra to the heart chakra, where you gather it.
- Visualise golden universal light flowing through your crown chakra and into your heart chakra.
- Ask that this energy touches your inner light / divine spark and let this energy fuse with your inner light and love to form an even bigger energy in your heart chakra.
- Let this light radiate and expand throughout your body, like a million of diamond like sparkles, that go through all your cells, atoms, and even the spaces between the atoms and fill yourself completely with this new energy.
- Connect yourself consciously to your angelic quality and visualise how you spread your wings and let the energy that fills your heart overflow into your wings.
- Think "Sane" (frequency language for opening etheric wings) and let the light fllow even more into your wings and up into the tips of the wings.
- Let the energy now radiate and expand out of your body and out of your wings and think "I let my power, my love and my light shine as high and far as possible from my heart and wings, according to my capacities and potentials."
- Leave your bodily dimension and feel your love and power in the angelic realm. Feel yourself as a part of all that is. You are now in a space of unconditional love and a high-level power of light.
- Now you are ready to work with your wings.


Use your wings during your daily life, your mediations and client sessions for healing purposes. There are some hints that i can give for the successful beginning of your practice - the so-called wing-manual.

- Spread your wings - spread your wings like the ones of a bird or a Butterfly. Open yourself for your angelic beingness for example when you wake up in the morning.

- Spread your wings to the left/right - you can hold your wings above someone/something for example for shelter

- Spread your wings high above - bring down golden light from above into the tips of the wings and white light for your crown chakra

- Cover someone with your wings - you can embrace someone (a client, a friend, a stranger) with your wings to make them feel secure and hold the space for them. You can also embrace a situation.

- Support your healing pratice - Sit at the head end of your Client and spread your wings alongside the client to give comfort and healing during a session.

- Flap your wings - you can flap your wings to clean and clear them of spiritual debris that you collect during your everyday life. Just imagine how much lower energies you collect in a day, for example when people walk through your wings. When flapping your wings these lower energies from yourself and others near you will be disolved. Very important.

- Hide your wings - close your wings completely to hide them from clairvoyant people you don't want to see your wings.

- Close your wings - other than spreading your wings, you can close your wings in a normal way. Don't do this too often, they are there to be used :) I sometimes use this when i don't want to soak up too much dense energies from my surroundings.

- Touch someone - you can carefully touch someone with the tip of your wing, something you can do if you are worried that someone gets angry or if you want to give someone a little sparkle of light

- Embrace yourself - you can wrap your wings around yourself. Very good for sleep or for protection. You can also include your loved ones.

- Giving feathers - you can give an etheric feather into the heart chakra or wound of someone you want to give angelic healing energy. Imagine immediately how a new feather takes the place of the one you removed and make sure it is fully replenished before you do anything else. Very important.



I guess there are a lot more possibilities to work with your wings, it's quite exciting to find out.

One thing i want to emphasize here about the flapping of the wings. I realized that my back pain is very much related to the amount of spiritual debris i am carrying around. Imagine all the dense energies pulling on your wings and pulling you down, making you heavy. Thus pain in the back. It is very important to make the clearing of your etheric wings a part of your daily spiritual pratice.

Happy praticing! Any resonances are more than welcome!

Angelic greetings