Hi Thomas,

I've read through this topic you presented and I have no clue if I'm an angel.  Sometimes people tell me I'm an earth angel but I never took it seriously.  I do believe I'm a very old soul.  Star soul or angel?  I do not know.  I'm waiting on my Divinicus book to arrive and maybe get some more insight.

I do have pain in my back, but also have had spinal injuries.  I get pain behind my heart chakra and also under my right shoulder blade area.  These pains have been more present the past few months but I really cannot say what they are.

I will check in here some to see if something resonates.  I referred to the angel in my bedroom one night who said "his" name was Gabriel, as a male, but felt there really was no gender.  That's just how I described it.

People have seen guides and angels around me so I'm sure I have them, just not sure I am one.  Thank you for letting me know about this subject.

Much love,

Sherri  Heart  Praying Emoji