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Hi Open,

Oh My!  I busted out laughing.  I'm tickled about your comment.  Earth-wise I'm so ornery, playful and wicked sense of humor, joking, always laughing, like being the class clown.  That's me!  That's why everyone calls me Sunshine, Sunnygirl or Sunny all the time and have for years.  Somehow that doesn't seem like an angelic vibe much to me.  Maybe an Imp.  lol  But I do thank you for the comment.  I know I'm here for some purpose to have the gifts I have so I just try to do the best I can.

But on the serious side I do have much compassion for others.  I don't think I was expecting  to read Divinicus  to find out if I'm an angel, but hoping the book will open up some more memory for me and give me perspective and tips on working through things. 

I had wondered with some of the strong gifts I have used throughout my life, that maybe my memory was being deliberately veiled to keep me humble.  I sure don't feel like I'm special or anything, simply feel I'm just the conduit for the healing energy that flows.  I don't say I'm a Healer, I say I'm a conduit for it if people want to know.  It's the truth.  Sometimes it flows, sometimes not.  I don't try to control it.

On the flip side of the star soul/angelic comments.  When I read your comment about star soul it brought up deep sobbing from within so maybe that could be also.  But I know not to attach to things so will just be ok with whatever, most important is to learn how to work through things.  But if I am here for a special mission, I wonder why I died  this time and had to be brought back here in this same lifetime.  Makes no sense to me.. unless I am a walk-in and don't know it.  My mom said the angel told her that night I had died and the hospital confirmed it  the next morning when mom came to see me and asked about it.  A channel told me I was not a walk-in but maybe she got it wrong.  That might explain many of my experiences.  I just have no idea at this point. 

Thank you for all the great work you do.  Heart  Praying Emoji

Sherri the Sunny one