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Hi Thomas,

Do you know if invisible wings create wind in a room?  I've had two odd healing experiences over the years while in a healing session.  One was a healing circle where I reached up to touch a man on the back of his head, barely touched his hair when at the same moment, the person also in the healing circle was blown out the way of my arm a little ways.  He gave me the oddest look but I never touched him at all, it was like a wind blew him over a bit.  The current was so strong coming out of my hand, it felt like a 240 current and the man getting the healing dropped to the ground for a couple of min.  Then he got up and said he was healed.  My arm tingled for quite a while afterwards.  Could this have been invisible wings causing the man next to me to be bumped over?

Another time,  a friend of mine who was a Reiki master, and has since passed to another realm, taught me to do Reiki and then ran an ad in the local paper for a free healing session for the public.  He did this twice and both times a room full of people showed up.  We did healings for people in chairs in a circle.  Afterwards, we were all standing and mingling in the room and I was talking with a man and asked him if he wanted more healing energy as I'd not worked on him.  He said yes, give me the full measure kind of joking around.  So as I reached up to touch his forehead  quickly, there was a BIG rush of energy.  My friend, who was across the room said he felt this big "whoosh" of wind and knew it was me as the cause.  He looked around and found me touching a man's forehead.  The man was so giddy, happy and glassy eyed.  He didn't know what had hit him.  It was really funny  to us and the man was super high on the touch.  So could invisible wings have caused that big whoosh of wind?  That was the only 2 times there has been such a really big current of energy and wind.

I do not do anything other than act as the conduit for the healing energy.  I don't consider myself a Healer per se, just the conduit for the energy to flow.  I don't control it or force it, it flows or not, depending on circumstances, I really don't know.

I'm not convinced I'm an angel but Open said I do have an angelic vibe so thought I'd put these 2 situations to you.  It was odd for sure.

Oh and the man who taught me the Reiki, because he said with the powerful energy I had, I needed the Reiki as an acceptable form of healing, also did a ceremony with me one time with a blessed sword and touched my shoulders with this sword during this ceremony while I was kneeling.  He was a High Magi. (?)  He also touched the base of my spine once with his hand one day and "unzipped" something.  Maybe Kundalini but it seriously ungrounded me.  He didn't realize I was not familiar with my energies at that time so he taught me how to ground myself.  I've learned how to do that now.  I only know I have some powerful gifts with odd experiences.  I don't make a joke out of it, I take it seriously but the man was jokingly saying give him the full measure of healing at the public session, like he wasn't sure he believed it was real.

Much love to you, Heart  Praying Emoji