So welcome to all those tuning into the Facilitator Summer School here in Avebury. The Sun EmojiCall Me HandSlightly Smiling

Everyone arrived here safely last night, and I can say the atmosphere has different threads to it - there's excitement and anticipation, there's recongition of maverick misfits coming together as family, there's a great deal of humour, watching Jean and Appolonius trying to figure out how to put up their tent! And there's deep alchemical magic, as we all connected the circle last night in our opening meditation. Already there's masses going on and connecting in the ether. At our venue, we're right on the edge of many of the sacred sites and laylines in the area. So I know we're in for a magical alchemical time voltage emoji icon

We're all giggling because....

Is it a tent? Is it a kite? Or is it a spaceship?!

Once everyone has landed, the 'work' begins today with the main principle of Openhand Spiritual Facilitation, which is...

To always, but ALWAYS come from the energy.

What do I mean by this?

People who require facilitation will present with all manner of issues: be it in their careers, relationships, general living circumstances, whether they've got kundalini activating or processing karma. There will be a myriad if different issues that people would like help solving.

Here's the key to successful spiritual facilitation...

Whatever someone has going on at a surface level or in any disharmony they can feel, it's all about convolutions in their energy field. So to truly help them tackle the issue and come to a harmonious resolution, it's only going to be successful if you can tap into that space and help the energy field itself ailgn.

I've been in the most chellenging of circumstances with people, sometimes people who've been suicidal even, and I've watched great facilitators holding the space and hardly saying a word. Yet if you know how to work the field, the most challenging of situations can resolve themselves and the path forwards illuminated.

What we're really talking about here is faciltating a reconstitution of a person's "toroidal flow". Everything reflects outwards because of convolutions and disharmony within this field.

So let's say someone has a challenge in their job, in a relationship or with the movement of kundlinin for example. Everything in the outer manifests from this torus dynamic. Where there are blockages, they manifest reflective situations in the outer. If there's pain or disharmony, confusion or fear, it's going to emanate from convolutions in this field. If you can help the field realign itself, then you're already along way to finding resolution in the situation.

So how do you do that?

That's what we'll dive right into today. Essentially you activate and resonate your own toroidal field in meditation. Then here's the fundamental part...

You expand your Toroidal field out to embrace the other person. You then begin to feel their field within yours. You start to sense and pick up where there's might be blocked. You then bring your own attention to these places. This in itself will start to catalyse movement, animation and activation in those places. It takes facilitation to a whole different level than merely 'coaching'.

It does take some fair degree of mastery, and you have to be very clear on the inside in order to pick up and stimulate the activation of these blockages, but this is where deep alchemy is to be found.

So if you're tuning in, see if there's some way you can practice that today...
1. You could try feeling different things in nature - a tree, a plant or an animal for example
2. You could explore with a friend in meditation with a friend
3. If you're experiencing a challenging relationship, you could work to hold and feel the field between you and see how the dynamic changes by working with the sense of facilitating free flow.

See how that goes, then tomorrow, I'll share how we then take it deeper into illumination with the Openhand SEER inquiry process.


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