We're having a deeply rich and rewarding experience here at the Summer School - so many gems arising for each of us, in terms of our own 'healing' and the direction forwards that our facilitation service wants to go.

I felt to explore with you tuning in what is the nature of true healing?

In this work we consider there's always two aspects to any internal challenge or problem we might have: (1) There's the unrealised aspect of soul (2) then there's the blocked energy that gathers around the misalignment.

You could imagine it this way: you put a rock into a stream, which then gathers the stream around it creating an eddy current. The eddy current then sucks in debris from the flow. It is this debris that causes the pain. The point being that a healer can take away the pain by removing the energetic debris, but unless the 'rock' has also been removed, then the problem will recreate, but perhaps in some other guise.

So what we're doing here is not working to remove the pain straight away. Rather to use the pain as an indicator of where the true source of the problem is - in other words, where the soul is identifying with reality and causing a block in the stream.

In the Openhand Approach to facilitation then, true healing is about assisted self-realisation. Only after which, help is given in removing the symptoms of the pain.

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