It was such a gift to feel the divine everywhere in this Facilitator gathering. Thank you Open for creating the conditions for everyone to explore, dive deep, unravel and feel the emergence of the divine inside and outside.

The Divine always present...

In the felt sense, as much as in the mind

In the connection, as much as the disconnection

In the chaos, as much as the structure

In the separation, as much as the unity

In the land, as much as the ethers

In the fire, as much as the water

In the soul, as much as the body

In the confusion, as much as the clarity

In the expression, as much as the numbness

In the silence as much as the movement

In the Emergence...

The mantra Purnamadah sang by Shantala is a gift for the senses and an altar of the divine  present in all of us. Keep Traveling in Trust <3