Here's an interesting crop circle that just appeared not far from where our Summer School took place, but again in Hampshire rather than the Avebury area in wiltshire. My sense is its genuine and appears to relate some very interesting messages. Take a look at it, and as you do, get a sense how you feel. Then get a review of my sense of it below...

Firstly it clearly depicts the Merkabah, the human vehicle of Ascension with the two interrelating triangles, one loosely representing the higher self and the other the lower self. Which is all great. But to me the smaller designs inside the top triangle give the feeling sense of blocking. There are 3 sets of 6 smaller shapes and 6 rows of 5. When I gaze at it for too long, it seems to mess up my frequencies and gives and uneasy sense.

When we were in the Avebury area, I had the sense that there was an etheric energy blocking the general area, which we worked to unwind. Maybe then, this crop circle is demonstrating that this is indeed the case - something in the ether that's trying to block the higher shift. It could relate to 5G or AI, or something else. I shall be going back to that area in the coming days for a deeper inquiry.

Do share your thoughts/feelings

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