Hi Vimal - that doesn't sound so much like a shadow identity as false self ego. The two are quite different. A shadow identity is one that understands and mimics the soul, and so there has to be a good degree of witnessing to coax it out. To me, what I would reflect to you, is that this sounds more like ego, not wanting to give up.

The point is, there has to be a moment of realignment (what I spoke of as the transition into Gateway 2), where there's a complete surrendering into the soul, and going with that, whatever the outcome.

When you're moving into and reaching that point, it's actually quite straightforward - not easy, but straightforward. You just have to go with the first impulse and essentially ignore the overriding of the mind. You simply can't make a mistake (in life) at this point. The key is simply to challenge and breakdown the ego. If you keep confronting it directly, it eventually gives up and breaks down.

So the question is, do you really want to break it?

It may sound like an obvious question - just about everyone would say, "yes!"
But, often, so long as they don't have to do anything risky, like change location, give up a job, let go of a relationship. You reach this point where you simply know there's no point in resisting. It only brings more suffering, whatever the apparent initial cost.

If you know you're not at this place of complete surrender yet, that's okay. But it's important to be honest with oneself about that. Or else the mind simply creates more plausible excuses and reasons why not. Just be clear, "I'm not ready yet". Then watch, keep watching. At some point the realisation dawns that continued resistance doesn't help at all. There comes this place of complete surrender - that would be Gateway 2, realignment. I'd say that's what's being invited now.

Wishing you well

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