Hi Marije - firstly to say, well done for having the courage to be open and transparent - this always goes a long way towards resolving any challenge. And certainly no one here thinks you're crazy! You sound very lucid and considered of what you're experiencing Heart

So many people live within the mind and identify with it. Or rather they've formed all manner of identites and fixed neural programming within it. This is their 'baseline' in life. But it is a humungous illusion! One that plays out time and time again every day, in all the routines that people live. What you're doing through the inner work is challenging the nature of that, breaking apart the rigidity of it. So that's bound to be destabilising.

This is going to amplify basic life processes and make them seem much harder than they actually are. If you're single for example, letting go of possessions, giving up your flat and moving elsewhere is not actually that difficult. Except that if the mind has built a value system around this construct, then yes, it will be challenging. But in a practical way, you have all the gifts and skills to readily master it.

One of the things we've been recently talking about (and here on the site) is what I'm calling The Sacred Ground of Being. This relates directly to what plenty of masters will have spoken about in the past and other philosophies. It's that feeling sense at the core of you which is your quintessence as you come into the source. This is the 'mast' around which to centre your consciousness. Then the grasp of the mind can weaken, and the construct unravel more easily. I would say this can help greatly in your current situation.

Keep going. It may seem like you have a mountain to climb, but really all you need is the first step in any given moment. If you can keep coming from the centre, then you'll find each step, one after another.

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