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Anastasia, I felt to join you in this unfolding just before heading off to Glastonbury for Open's talk. I saw the lovely photo you shared, how sweet :) I love the red flowers embracing the whole landscape and also catalysing movement within the women and also out there in the environment...rooted in the Earth and ascending to the heavens....VERY interesting because thats how I see/feel Kundalini. Like a movement that roots, opening up downwards, and also expanding upwards.

You may find this supportive: My research and experience, as well as the research and experience of others in the field of 'Kundalini' shows that people experience this phenomenon depending on their background (history of traumas, karma, meditation practice and intensity, past openings, personalities etc) and configuration. Also, depending on whether they fear it, deny it, fight against it, or indulging in it and creating 'drama' around it. All these will exarcebate ones struggles...and this of course goes regardless whether one is experiencing Kundalini activation or not!

I totally feel for you with regards to the 'loss of cognitive functions' that you are experiencing. I had a phase when I couldnt focus or concentrate, had emotional outbursts and felt disorientated. And sometimes these happened when some deep layer of conditioning was surfacing in the moment to be seen. Its not easy and it all can happen either with Kundalini activation or without it. Its just that Kundalini is.... lets say...illuminating the whole thing! But usually, the 'loss of cognitive functions' passes, so making peace with the process will be very helpful. And...The 'real' you is all of you :) <3 <3

It looks like you are alerted and clearly recognising those mind loops (dramas) that are surfacing and you are allowing a deeper letting go to happen. To me this is about the break down of identities built on the drama of 'me'.  'Loosing energy' as you say here I see indeed, as a great gift:

As soon as a mind loop starts to activate in my head, I instantly start to lose all my energy and this palpable energy loss is alerting me to the fact that I'm back in my head again. I have no other fricking choice but to pull myself out and start FEELING into my core again.

What I and many others find very helpful with intense experiences, either kundalini related or not, is to ground and allow the energies to move. Explore stopping intense meditations, going out to Nature more, eating rich/dense food (avocados, legumes, tofu, grains etc), listening to relaxing music, using essential oils, drinking herbal teas, having massage and warm baths, talking to the energy gently and also feeling the natural breath (mindfulness).

And of course sharing in a supportive community is very helpful as we are all on the same boat and uniquely living the path. So, stay connected <3

With wise love,

<3 x