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Hello all you wonderful crazy women!!
Just now I felt so on the ground and then I read your messages. Thank you so much. And as for madness, put me in line.

Anastasia, you write - "The mild cognitive dysfunctions are now a full blown daily living reality. Short-term memory loss, loss of ability to plan and organise things, disorientation, sudden uncontrolled emotional outbursts of boundary setting in situations where I may have been more tolerant before, feeling the loss of mental control of where situations are heading etc."


and it feels like you're describing me. My whole life seems to turn upside down at the moment. I have confused and crazy dreams, which unfortunately I have not kept. Of what is happening around me, I only get parts of it. As if I only had one leg in this world. I don't know what the rest of me is doing.
I had just been on holiday for a week. The best moments were when I went for a walk alone. I enjoyed the roaring wind and the vastness of the sea.
When I came back, everything was wrong. The man I was living with couldn't please me. I was angry and irritated. I would have liked to have ripped his head off.

Even now that I am back home, I still feel restless and cannot concentrate. Fortunately, I still have a week off.

Marije, thank you for your courage to release and write down everything that moves you. You have encouraged me to show myself in my madness.

Megha, you are not only a mother to the children in your hospital but also to the great ones. Your loving warmth spills over the oceans to us. A warm embrace for you, also for what you wrote on my post.

Anastasia, what a beautiful picture - the dancing women in the red poppy field radiate joy and lightness, rising into Heaven.
I hope your tests have shown that everything is good for you. I keep my fingers crossed for you.

With love HeartHeart  Praying Emoji