Hi Anastasia - I felt to jump in here and share a little.

Firstly, let me extend an embrace of empathy, having worked with many who've gone through, or are going through, the powerful effects of Kundalini Activaton. It can be a great challenge indeed.

In fact you described perfectly some of the (reasonably) extreme characteristics in this clip from your sharing. Although I should also add, I've seen it more extreme, and often much more gentle over a protracted period of time...

The mild cognitive dysfunctions are now a full blown daily living reality. Short-term memory loss, loss of ability to plan and organise things, disorientation, sudden uncontrolled emotional outbursts of boundary setting in situations where I may have been more tolerant before, feeling the loss of mental control of where situations are heading etc. All of these used to be strong mental "skills" of mine that served my personal identity very well and that I took pride in.

Yes, these can be some of the symptoms in daily life - the great thing is you're clearly being very lucid about them. Not 'crazy' at all! So my sense is that some of the experiences are more in perception. What do I mean? We're transitioning from a place where the mind had formed complex, layered, identities in how it relates to the world and functions on a daily basis. The mind has soaked up endless program routines like a sponge soaking up water, which most people live through constantly. There are programs for driving your car, brushing your teeth, taking the kids to school, endless expected and conforming responses in relationships or at work, doing the shopping or at play etc etc etc. Most people are living a life from the place of this pre-progarmmed doing.

What we're talking about is transforming to life coming from being. So all of these programs are steadily broken apart by the soul. Why? Because they're simply NOT authentic! They're NOT real. They're essentially a lie and a falsehood. And as the soul, it ceaes to tollerate the imposter. Only truth will suffice. So steadily the soul infuses into the neural pathways and breaks them apart. It brings you to the place of "No Mind". Now this can be a freeky place in the beginning. There comes this feeling of complete openness with the world and transparency. And the feeling of "how can I function from this place?" Where you don't know how to act from one step to the next That can generate a degree of fear at first. Especially as you might struggle with the day-to-day chores. But if we allow it to settle and surrender into it, what you start to feel is the arising of soul - a natural emergence from the core of you. It's felt as a frequency, a vibration of natural beingness. Which if you attune to, then Right Action flows from it. Steadily you discover you have an inherrent aptitude for functioning in this world, but from a much different place now. It starts to feel magical and sublime.

What can help at this point is a degree of understanding of the 7 rays I've written about. Such as the ray 4, it being the 'bridge between worlds'. It's a facet of beingness that helps you blend into the reality construct of other people without compromising your soul. The Ray 4 Bridge Between Worlds

I should also add that it can get complicated when the mainstream medical services get involved because they tend to have little understanding of the awakening process, never mind the more advanced kundalini activation. And all too often there are prescriptions of 'psychosis', 'split personality', 'multiple personality disorder', 'schizophrenia' etc etc. It can greatly complicate and confuse the issue. At the very least, it's essential to avoid taking on board any of these labels!

Over time, Kundalini will integrate and it becomes the most magical way of living and being. If we still lived in tribes, it wouldn't be a problem at all, just a natural part of becoming. You'd be held in an empathic embrace, allowed to be your experience, and supported in that integration. And that's why it's so important to have these kinds of sharings and groups here.

In the book 5GATEWAYS, under Gateway 3, I wrote about the generally destabilising effects of kundalini and how to work with it, sharing symptoms, plenty of first hand advice, information about the 7 rays and especially how to integrate the effects. I'm not sure if you've read it, but for sure it would be helpful... 5GATEWAYS

Much love and empathy

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