I am looking through this thread with awe.

Alex ,I have spent about six hours in tears yesterday . Which I capped off by doing the bow . Suddenly ,I feel lighter though I am sure there are many more layers to look into. It's as if I have started the conversation within. These days any deep emotional processing kicks off shaking during meditations and that's what happened to me. 

Open ,in the seminar you made a waving hand movement that described how we contract then expand . After a rough morning I noticed that's what the pattern is on my bedsheet . And today ,I am rearranging my daughter's room after getting it painted and getting rid of a lot of stuff that wasnt needed anymore. Seems very much a mirror of my process . The colour is a little lighter ,it's emptier and feels so much more Free !! 

As I said I'm in awe of the fact that all these very similar processes are being kicked off in different parts of the world at the same time . And how our shadings(sharings I meant to say but I feel shadings just describes all of our different colours just as well)  are challenging and soothing each other as well . 

Deep Gratitude to you all ❤️❤️❤️