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Thank you for sharing Anastasia.

It's really lovely to read about your discoveries and navigating this dance with Kundalini-Shakti. I find at times, 'personalising' the energy as an archetype image (Shakti) can be very helpful because it dissolves the sense that there is something 'happening to you' but rather that it is an aspect of you. And other times, it feels very supportive to drop any personifications and surrender to the unfolding as it is with a sense of curiosity, wonder and trust in the mystery of life.

Yes, all the conditionings, wounds etc will come forth more strongly to be illuminated, as well as our true nature, our soul, the 'no mind', the sublime, the onness...all at its own time. And the curiosity, wonder, deep acceptance and trust is an attitude offered to all experiences equally. Its so amazing how those very challenging movements (mental, emotional, physical etc) are part of the deconstructing process of identities. And I smiled reading how much clarity you now have  - as a result of being as present as poss with these challenging movements - about Self-care, caring for yourself and shame. Again, the invitation here is to embrace this realisation with the care it deserves. The little abandoned girl did her best with what she had at the time...And now the Soul is reclaiming the deeper truth... and kundalini is assisting in this, intensifying, illuminating, inviting and opening <3

Slow, Flow, Pace, listening to the body, listening to the Soul, being the snail are ALL beautiful qualities emerging and also assisting in going deeper. These are also qualities in the Ray 4 that Open mentioned, so you are already tuned in <3

There isnt a lot of clear, researched, accessible info on Kundalini out there to my knowledge, or at least not readily available. There is a lot of crap on youtube, so dont rely too much on the youtube bug! Open's research and experience is one source that has integrity and is accessible in the way it is shared. Let me also think about others that will be of benefit and get back to you.

Till then, all my love <3