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Dear Dagmar,

So glad you wanted to join us and share so openly. I’ve missed you Heart

Something jumps out at me from your sharing. You say “As if I only had one leg in this world”. I read this over and over a couple of times and then I suddenly remembered something that you shared with me in Bruge. I believe you said that for a long time you couldn’t feel either of your legs. Like you were disconnected from the entire lower half of your body (Am I correct?). It’s just an intuitive reflection of mine but perhaps these two experiences are related somehow(?), the feeling of not being able to feel one or both of your legs. You can just discard this if it doesn’t mean anything to you, but since it flashed so strongly for me, I felt to at least share it with you.

Thank you for your heartfelt concern. I have now finally been cleared from all suspicions of cancer. A lump in my lung along with some other physical symptoms caused a bit of a medical “craze”, and just about every part of my body was thoroughly examined and scanned. All they found though was a bacterial infection in my lung that is easily treated. Kundalini Activation was not on their list of possible diagnoses :-)

I hope you are able to enjoy your last week off 🙏

With sweet and Mad love ☺️