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Dear Anastasia,
that sounds good that the doctors found the reason for your malaise. Now all the Bakeries have to do is understand that they have no business in your lung. I'm sure they will very soon. Fingers Crossed

And you remember correctly. That's exactly what I told you in Bruge about the feeling in my legs.
How fascinating that this sentence spoke to you
- as if I have only one foot in this world -
When I wrote this sentence, I read it again briefly before I started the next one. And I thought "what a strange sentence". But because he was right, I left him standing. Although I had the feeling that I hadn't thought it myself. As if it had flowed through me and I had only written it down.

After reading your thought flashes a few times, I realized:
if I couldn't feel my legs earlier and can now say that I'm standing with one leg in the world - hey, then I've made progress! 50% more than before! Smliing

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing me your thoughts. It feels like an encouragement of the spiritual world that I should continue on this path, even if it is difficult right now.

And I wish you the same. Courage and strength for your way. Heart
Hearty embrace