Hi Folks. We're in a pivotal moment of great flux within both society and the shift right now. And so it's essential to be coming from higher mind as much as possible - not trying to logic the best path forwards in your life because quite frankly, logic will not cut it right now - the landscape is too fluid and uncertain.

So it's essential to be coming from the higher flows that are shaping a new future. How might we best do that?

Opening higher mind is crucial. It's allowing in that playful spontaneity of feeling and choice that lands in a flash. It's watching for the landscape of signs and synchronicity build progressively around you until choices simply 'click'. It requires a great deal of trust to sit in the potential of not-knowing - to keep opening out and feeling.

That's what I felt to share in this Openhand video. Check it out and then do share your views on coming from Higher Mind - what do you experience?...