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For the last few months, I have been able to stay in the flow most of the time, but this period of deep realignment in my 3D life has challenged that ability. I still feel that I am too easily pushed out of balance by the outside world. Meditating daily, plus also in those moments of tightness to explore them, feel them and release them has done wonders for me. 

In the midst of the swirling, transformational energy that surrounds me, when I’m coming from my Higher Mind, all of the problems I had been struggling with, all the density churning and twisting inside of me disappear. Suddenly, my internal space becomes vast and glorious. The tightness, the anxiety are gone, replaced by excitement for the changes I am making to realign my life. There is no more expectation of an outcome, only fluidity in the accelerating, fast-changing landscape of my life. I find my Ego’s usual impatience, that yearning for “all changes to be done and over with” (as if they are ever!) is replaced by a serene, faithful watch for the signs and synchronicity, for the next step to take.

Interesting (really fascinating, actually) how being in the flow creates instant results in my life. If I see things from my Higher Mind one day, it seems all my projects move forward that day in pleasant and unexpected ways. I still feel like I’m inside the eye of a tornado, but now, instead of being overwhelming and scary, the powerful energy swirling around is for me to harness and shape. For me to create with. This is such an empowering feeling!

This is how life is meant to be lived!

I cannot thank you enough for your guidance on my path. 🙏