02/04/21: Openhand Journal Update:

Here in the Openhand Team we're just gearing up for our Easter Quantum Shift Retreat 2021. I can already feel the energy and excitement building. These are monumental times, and utterly essential we commit to the inner work so as to join the 5D Shift. One message I feel given to share with everyone is the importance of progressively raising your vibration so as to detach from the shadow aspect of society. Remember there's always essential cleansing and karmic release that is an ongoing process...

Let what's happening in the outer mirror of life in society trigger the density in you, yes. For this is where the buried nuggets of soul gold are to be found. But recognise that your ultimate truth is to be found within, and this is the place to centre in - to keep deepening into your Sacred Ground of Being. It's your divine "mast" as you sail through the Shift. And from that place, to breathe the light of the soul through your various bodily vehicles to illuminate and elevate all aspects of your life.

Easter Quantum Shift Retreat 2021

So do check my lead article above for those essential 10 ways to keep progressively raising your vibration.

And a couple more places are still available on the Easter Quantum Shift Retreat 2021, so do contact our Community Connector Tilly if you'd like to know more... ​


In loving support

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