All of this resonates. I know that clinging to resources or relationships actually drives them away. And letting go of that opens up a space for confidence, excitement to flow which can draw situations to you. But to truly experience it, we have to test it, not once or twice, but continously over many years until, we have really got it. 


As long as these distortions are there, we are sure to cling on to the old. I have this repetitive thought inside me, that if I have enough resources and time, then I could just sit back and enjoy life. Ofcourse I know true joy and passion comes from breaking though subconscious limitations but I do succumb to this old belief especially when things get tough.

I like this one - anxiety and excitement are closely related. Indeed I observe this happening. I have an excitement for something new that's about to happen but immediately the ego owns the prospect and anxiety can build up. I also have to be prepared to let this go - the excitement or whatever future landing now to really get to the core feeling. Thankyou. 


I was yesterday dealing with a child, who couldn't focus even for 2 sec in his notebook. Can't blame him ofcourse, there are plenty of interesting things happening outside the notebook. Thinking about this this is also a pretty good reflection for me as I find a lack of commitment and focus. I wonder if this can lessen over time.