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Thankyou open for your feedback. This article helped me a great deal in a breaking through a limitation. I have been feeling this for many days and it feels like breath of fresh air.

I like to say a couple more points

First, the great shift into 5D conciousness is still a mental concept for me and I guess for many too. And from my reality perspective, what I can see is success has come to those who have taken the right steps and had the good fortune of flowing what's right for them. By success here I mean being able to do what they love and be supported from that. I often get the feeling that I had stumbled on a couple of mistakes to be where I'm right now. So I can't seem to fully grasp the 7th point you have written. Yet I know I have learned so much from the 'misfortunes'. I find today judging the ordinaryness of mine and and those around. This seems to be a very deeply ingrained distortions that - "you only deserve to be happy, succeed, be supported, loved etc if you become extraordinary or atleast more talented, expectional than rest etc. I don't necessarily intend to convey any self pity. 


I understand that if I move away from the core feeling of acceptance, the lessons I have learned, the connection with spirituality and lean favourably in the popular way , then I can suffer unnecessarily. This is the reason for the lack of focus and commitment - doubting, and acquiescence to the way of reason and logic, the need to improve and make it on my own. This doesn't seem a choice anymore. Either I go back and suffer or I keep following the path that's really destined for me. I guess this is call to meditate more, and come more from the core feeling.