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Just the last week my husband and I almost had an altercation about me wanting to go to South Africa. He wasn't happy about me doing a retreat twice a this year and ( for lack of a better excuse ) chose to make it about money. Coming from the culture of Poverty that we are steeped in ,in the past this would work with me . I took a small break ,felt in to my deep desire to go and also the poverty consciousness within me and decided to tell him firmly . When I went up to him ,something had resolved and he actually apologized for being stingy and being in the rut of family patterns around money. 

In my family ,lack of worth and pretty much all the points you have delineated were how I was raised . For me that shows up as doubt and a feeling I will be alone ( in my abundance consciousness ,I am alone and apart from family already). For me jumping in impulsively towards something I really wanted has not been easy .

Vimal ,I don't know if this will help ,but a big part of escaping a very culturally embedded poverty consciousness for me has been for me to try to be more me every day. Honesty is needed as is awareness to show up those patterns that keep me from expressing something. Recently for example I have been facing deep almost debilitating Fear in writing a paper on how Climate change will affect practice of Pediatrics in the next decade. I have all the information ,and every time I sit to write it ,I just want to close my lap top and eat a brownie :) . All the real data I already have ,makes me withdraw and feel so afraid. So has writing the book I have literally been commissioned to write . I haven't even gotten down to writing a proposal because I can sense this is going to be big and will shake up many people and it makes just want to crawl into a small hole and let the storm pass .  

​​​And yet ,the events to come also make me far more courageous . It's a dance my friend ! 

And let's just dance while we can .