It's a great video Open. Thanks for sharing. It's all good but I get the sense that me may have different sense of the word success. Atleast how I was saying it above. I do believe it's possible to do what you like and succeed in it, without reaching greatness like you speak off like a musician or athlete for example. Whether one has found his maximum potential or touched other people's life is another thing.

When I first read your reply before seeing the video my first thought was ' this is exactly what makes me to control and strive'. There is a difference between having the courage to follow one's soul and placing unrealistic expectation on one's shoulder. I have a heavy shoulder ache which has been there for days! It happened while pushing myself too far while playing. Ofcourse there is no problem if eventually one's learn from it. But I get the intuition that, I can get too distracted from the actual path because if it.