I put the video up more as a metaphor - yes, Will Smith does clearly have a view towards physical material 'success' - achieving things. AND, at the same time, when you listen to him, he is also clearly about self development and self growth - whether we call it 'spiritual' or not, it is still the forging of the soul.

Yes, there can be a striving when you seek to unfold the full expression of soul. And on the other side of the coin, where there's lack of commitment to the path, there will also arise stuckness and density. The soul has many qualities - we speak of the '7 rays' of beingness here on Openhand. Each ray will have a distortion and approaching enlightenment, a person will have to work with distortions on ALL rays. In this case, someone like Will might be expressing a distortion of the ray 1 will energy (interesting synchronicity in the name!), but someone else with a strong ray 2, the surrender aspect, might run a distortion on that one. And the rays never resonate in isolation - so a person could be expressing a distorted ray 1 in one situation and yet a distorted ray 2 in another. They could also be expressing BOTH distortions at the same time. One could overlay the other.

So one expression of soul, one approach, will not work in every situation. If you just practice surrender, you'll  likely surpress the other rays. It requires us to dance with all of them, and be attentive that different distortions will come through in different phases and actions at different times. You spoke of your shoulder injury because you 'over exerted yourself'. But that doesn't necessary mean not to commit to playing and not to commit to doing you absolute best. But maybe you become too focussed in the action, and require to blend some ray 2 softness ASWELL - not instead of. I'd say it's asking for a blend of BOTH rays at the same time. The ray 2 is not just about surrender, but empathic sensivity. So it's likely that you're being invited to be attentive to that at times of maximum physical will. Not to go unconscious by being too focussed - being aware of the requirements of your body as you push it to the limit. I would suggest you'd actually gain more from this than simply withdrawing.

You also said something like "I can get distracted from the path because of the distortion". The path IS exposing the distortions to unleash aligned soul. The path is defined by aligning beingness. The path is the effect of this unravelling/realigning process. It happens because of it.

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