Hi Heike,

Thanks so much for having the courage to share. I imagine zillions of people would completely identify with the condundrums you're having - it's how most people's lives are configured in the matrix - it's exactly how people are enslaved into doing things that don't really serve on a daily basis. It kind of feels okay, but the paradox is that often it's only fear that's keeping them where they are - fear keeping them put, fear stopping them changing. And at the same time, a lot of these people will speak of living from "love and light", which mostly is really only an emotional connection.

The question is, do wish to be bound by fear or not?

Funny, as this comment registered I'm sitting at Heathrow heading to California and the following song came on my ipod...

By the way, remember, each step is only about the revelation of energy, of your true self. Each guidance doesn't necessarily tell you what to ultimately do. You fire the cauldron of feeling by going towards the direction you know you're being invited to fully consider, and then work through what comes up. You're opening a space so the authentic pull can then be felt to take which ever the next step is.

In loving support

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