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Thanks for sharing Megha. I have been wanting to write something here especially in this thread but didn't know where to start or even what to write. So this seems like an invitation.

You speak about belief in what feels right. I have been contemplating on this - from where does true commitment comes in the path. Is it something that happens progressively or are some souls more committed than others. I think I was more committed before in stepping up to the challenges than now but I also doubt it was also from a fear based thinking of needing an outcome, achievement and competition even. But that all doesn't seem true anymore. Even enlightenment, gateways and 5D shift seems some fancy words to my mind. So thats where your statement comes in - "one has to lean in with almost a blind belief". Does one really?

But I also sense great truth in what you are saying and I honour that. 

To me where part of the stagnancy comes in is holding on to some manifested gifts in the path like love or something material. I guess part of the psyche sees that if I truly step up then that might mean losing some of those. This is another form of poverty conciousness. 

Open often asks this question which I think is especially poignant here - " where does your allegiance lies in the shift? " what shift? I think what's more true will be -" does your allegience lies in being who you truly are". Which will be more true, since being who we truly are is a feeling of rightness - what feels right for us. 

And does our old habits make us more restricted, fearful and does breaking them with commitment will lead to more feeling of rightness, courage and expansiveness even if it feels uncomfortable in the moment. Some of my distortions are popping up to the surface even while writing this which is a good thing. An important one is holding back my truth in fear it being hurtful, distorting harmony. It always precedes with a question - is it right or can I find more patience and wait for the right moment. But the right moment may never come. Thanks again for the invitation which was very timely


Open, in the above article you wrote - " so work into complete self acceptance by surrendering the need to improve". But one only becomes goof in anything like an instrument for example by the need to improve. Maybe practicing a piece for many hours and finally getting it right. Doesn't the statement runs contrary to this. And by surrendering this need, there can be inertia in the path? 

I can also reframe this question as - does commitment comes from an intention to commit or does it naturally unfold in the moment from one quality to next revealing each distortions. In some moment it might be passivity and surrender and in another moment it might be commitment and control. Does I tention overrides natural unfolding? 


In psychology, there is role playing to change people's attitude of prejudusm, discriminations etc. Basically it's playing the role of the person of the one might be devaluing which creates a dissonance in the psyche forcing the person to change. In the same way does playing the counter identity of holding back ones truth temperorily deprogrammes the fixed identity?