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Hi Vimal - I feel to be really frank and clear with you here, and it comes from a place of unconditonal love and respect. I have for a while got the sense that you're running in circles - running through loops in the psyche, and that there isn't true commitment to the path - I'll come back to what I mean by 'the path' in a moment.

When concepts about the path are understood, as you clearly do understand many of these deep philosophical truths, then it's very easy for the mind to persuade us that no course of action is necessary at all. Growth for example can be surrender - which can really become a cover for inaction. And willpower becomes efforting, so there's a letting go of commitment. And there really is no path, so therefore no need to commit to a movement in any direction. True compassion, empathy and love get disguised as emotional sympathy and so we are not honest to the people around us about how we truly feel, because we're afraid of hurting them - which paradoxically isn't being loving to them - we're actually hurting them in the process of avoidance of the truth. Because in denying them the truth about you, you're actually denying the true landscape that they might find the truth within - you risk derailing them too.

It becomes possible for the pysche to talk you out of doing anything at all. And to do this from a 'spiritual' standpoint.

So now to 'the path'. There is no path! It is one of those misnomers, that can be useful providing we fully understand what it means in a truly spiritual sense.

Particularly there is no destined path or pre determined one - no 'right' one.

'The path' is an effect, not a cause.

'The path happens' as the direct consequence of uncovering and expressing your true sense of beingness within the moment.

If you consistently reveal yourself moment by moment, then a recognisable path links those moments together - you appear to be heading in a particular direction. Although you only ever really see this 'true path' by looking backwards. There will be "aha" moments where suddenly you realise the twist and turn of events brought you to this moment of realisation. But... that was NEVER A DESTINATION, it became a new way of being.

Now to "the shift", "5GATEWAYS", "Enlightenment", "Ascension" etc etc etc. This are merely signposts on a landscape that help you understand where you are on this true 'path'. They are not sign posts to aim for - because the path is the consequence of right action, or right beingness. So what happens is that you keep uncovering and expressing beingness, to then witness... "ah yes, now I get what enlightenment is", because it becomes embodied. Or as I follow my true beingness, I notice the landscape of multidmensional change, and so "the shift" becomes real in my landscape. Suddenly I find myself in "5D consciousness". Such terms then become useful in understanding the landscape you're unfolding into much deeper.

If however you're chasing the path, not from true beingness, but from some philosophical idea that they're somewhere you're supposed to get to, then the terms merely 'beat you up' and you're left running in circles getting disillusioned and pissed off. Or else they become an excuse for not to do anything at all, and we can find some kind of quasi contentment in that because "it's not spiritual to effort", or "it's not spiritual to have a destination" or "it's not spiritual to attach to concepts and places". These are all self-defeating and self-derailing tricks of a spiritual ego, "the trickster", which claims to not even be 'spiritual' at all!

So just to reiterate, "the path" becomes the natural consequence of unfolding true beingness moment by moment. And we're not going to truly see it, until there is that commitment. The path reveals itself as we look backwards and see that everything clicked in to bring you to this moment of realisation. And that's when the other terms that are sign posts on it start to make true sense.

PS - and by the way, running around in circles is completely okay too. Providing we're honest with ourselves about it. Because the only way to start to see the path at all, is from profound self honesty. The Sun Emoji

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