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I hear what you are saying Open. I recognize them as truths. I was observing for a couple of days the willpower, focus gets directed more as an effort to other things. And some of them really pissing me off. So I understand what you mean by willpower becomes efforting. I don't understand how I can have so much spiritual identities though, a very paradoxical one in this case. Probably the psyche gets attached to some concepts that suits the distortions well. To be honest, I don't  know what the next step is, but just to switch the allegiance and watch how puter is shaped more from what I'm being within. I watched the 5 gateways, first 2 gateways again, just to remember the sense and feeling. Gateway 2 spoke to me more strongly. Let's see what unfolds in the coming days. Thanks for your very uncomfortable but well needed catalytic message!