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Hi Vimal - self honesty is always the first step - great that you first witness what's going on Thumbs Up Sign

As I wrote about in 5GATEWAYS, there are (at least) seven rays of consciousness that form the soul-ray-harmonic (like ray 1 willpower for example). Each of these can get distorted in the positive (ownership) and negative (dissolving), and each of those can form an identity - so yes, there can be plenty of combinations to work through.

The key is to begin with the first thread of tightness you encounter. Focus on that one, put attention on it and work with it. Work as much as you can, until you hit a knot that you can't unravel. Then put that thread down and watch for the next to reveal itself - then work on that one.

Wishing you well in the effortless endeavour Slightly Smiling

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