I would say perhaps the most fundamental point in creating from 5D as opposed to 3D or 4D, is to be coming from the question not the answer. What do I mean?

The crucial difference in creating from 5D as opposed to the defunct 3D, is that you come from the question NOT the answer. What I mean is that in the 3D, it is predicated on knowing what you want (which mostly comes from the ego and poverty consciousness) then using logic to plan the steps of how you get from A to Z. In 5D you simply open yourself up to the Universe and ask, "Show me!" Signs and synchronicity will reflect the new aspects of beingness wanting to come through (harmonies of the 7 rays). As you embody and express these, that's when the multidimensional landscape shapes around you. Things start to magically click in. A pathway opens up. New creations manifest, new connections form. After a while, you feel like you're dancing with the divine.

It does of course take the courage to let go and let it all just flow. But you'll be amazed that when you do, just how supported by the flow you start to feel. It always brings you to another step, another possibility, another creation.

Why not give it a whirl!

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