I was out in Glastonbury yesterday. I went into town for a coffee, and had my favourite plant based lunch at "The Rainbow's End" followed by a piece of heavenly raw chocolate pie at "The Excalibur" (the sword of truth no less!). Although there were a lot fewer people around than usual, those that were, I can tell you were light, relaxed and expansive - not contracting into fear that this global concoction would have us do.

I strongly maintain that if you look after your system, everything will be fine. If you consume plant based food, drink water that's as pure as possible, load up on Vitamin C, minimise the electrosmog and do plenty of meditation to open the pineal, everything will be just hunky dory.

As I've said plenty of times before, this is NOT the time to contract down and play it small. One of the most refreshing things I observed happening at last week's Eden Rise Thrive in 5D Retreat, was how the global pandemic was increasing our sense of resolve and commitment to the Ascension Shift. That's what the 20:20 synchronicity clearly reveals - the parting of the waves: either going with the synthetic reality agenda, or else emerging from it as Cosmic Divine Beings. I can tell you at Eden Rise it was definitely the latter!

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