Christmas is for sure a tricky one. I've had similar investigations myself. For sure, at least to me, the soul would not choose to do a particular thing because it is a religious tradition laid down annually in the calendar. How can that possibly be aligned with a free flowing soul?

And yet, an aspect of the soul - the ray 4 diplomat - might choose to blend with the energy of the festive period, since it affects so much of the planet. But we need to be very careful here - at least if you want the opportunity to express aligned soul...

Are you doing it simply because of patterning? "it's what we always do".
Are you doing it out of perceived obligation? "I'll ofend so and so if I don't".
Is it fear? Fear that you will upset someone?
Could it be fear that you'll be 'left out' if you don't conform?

If you explore it deeply, you'll likely find that all of these and others too will very possibly come up.
The point is to always be making choices consciously. Even if you don't go with the soul, it's good to know why not? What might be attaching?

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