For anyone whose unusually deluged with snow and thinking were going into an ice age, well then consider the northern peninsula of Antartica has just recorded record high temperatures again, of over 20 centigrade, making it tea shirt weather!

What can we say for sure about the weather patterns in climate crisis? Probably nothing. All bets are off!

What we've worked to do on this channel is point to the effect of solar forcing on our weather patterns and the lowering of the magnetic field due to the Pole Shift - this paves the way for an increase in cosmic energy, especially as we pass through a highly energetic sheet of the galaxy. Cosmic rays then bombard the magnetosphere causing charged particles to cascade down through the atmosphere, thus impacting the jetstreams. Hence such unpredictable and turbulent weather.

Our approach here at Openhand is to pay attention. Since it provides clear scientific indication of where this is all heading, and that we must work to normalise with the likely outcomes. That way our consciousness is not 'shocked' as the volume on the shift gets turned up. It means the soul can mediate through the landscape with less hindrance. We're empowered to become more of what we truly are - Cosmic Beings, not limited by the machinations of the 3D!

Let's not fear the changes coming. And if there is fear, embrace it, because it provides the clear gateways through which to pass. With that in mind...