Hi Open,

I enjoyed the FB LIve feed yesterday and my 5Gateways book had just arrived too.  I was so excited to read it last night and made it to Gateway 2.  I think that's where I'm at in my Awakening.  The reading is fascinating and so many things resonated with me.  The steps I've got through to this point.  I'm still not sure I've reached full Kundalini flow yet.

I felt so much relief while reading, knowing that I'm on the right path and things are progressing.  I've cried tears for months during the awakening process, told someone I loved them but not IN love with them.  What a difference that makes.  Left relationships, moved away from homes and gone cross country where my soul gets more experience.  Learning to speak MY truth and stand up for myself.  Having so much compassion for people, animals, the earth.  My heart is opening!

I don't know where "home" is yet but I know it's not here.  I've yearned so deeply to go "home"  So much that I nearly committed suicide.  I'm SO glad I didn't kill myself.  I'm so glad I finally got your book and it's taken such a weight off me.  I needed to know the things I read last night.  Can't wait to get into the book again tonight.  I read in bed where it's quiet and I can really absorb things.

The path is hard emotionally sometimes but worth it.  I want to be totally free.  I know now that when I've awakened finally, my beloved will just be there.  The channel said it would be May.  I finally said May of what year?  haha  I will keep meditating in the way that works best for me, doing the breathing, listening to my intuition and trusting in the flow, synchronicity, magical happenings etc... it just was such a weight off me to know it's all ok.  Thank you for writing that book, I needed it.  I'll read it many times.

I know sometimes I'll ask you a question and you don't reply.  I suspect it's because in time I will just know the answers.  lol  What a wild ride.  This awakening process is not for wimps. haha  5Gateways is profound.  After reading a lot of the book last night I had the oddest dream.  I do have prophetic dreams or visions sometimes.

Thank you so much for being here during this time on the planet.  I will still be looking forward to the live feeds and also plan to get the Divinicus book soon.

Many hugs to you,

Sherri G.