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I believe the outer world has a direct correlation with the inner. And what we're really exploring here is the fragmentation of soul within the inner and how that then manifests.

So personally, I don't consider that there is really 'mental illness' or 'psychosis', 'bipolar', 'multiple personality disorder' etc etc. I don't see them as phenomenal things in themselves. Although the terms can be used to point to certain inner states of soul fragmentation. The problem is with labelling them this way is that people get attached to them and fixate on them - they become the reason for people's problems - "I have this or that". I'm not denying that there is a problem, but to me they happen because of soul fragmentation.

I've worked with people with many of these kinds of issues, and I've noticed they can all heal by approaching them from the soul fragmentation point of view. I've watched multiple levels of split personalities break apart by people daring to feel into the epi centre of the pain - which is where the fragmented aspects of soul are to be found. And so this is why regression work in meditation is so profoundly powerful. You look into the outer mirror of what you're creating and use it to illuminate the inner layers of fragmentation felt as tightness.

This is where honestly working with the Law of Attraction can be so powerful.

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