Hi Jen, it's a great question Thumbs Up Sign

As I believe you allude to first, the thinking patterns directly relate to deeper energetic source convolutions - I witness they are usually the effect of something much deeper. People incarnate with karma, and right from the off, the karma starts to create. That's why it becomes self-defeating to simply work to unwind the thought patterns first.

However I also witness there comes a point where there no longer seems to be any deeper roots to the thought loops. You can tell because when you witness them, if you scan the rest of the bodily field, whilst the mind is doing it's cycles, the rest seems calm and at peace. So it's a good indication that you're only then dealing with mind loops.

But then I do believe it becomes important to deal with the mind loops too. Because they're still limiting. We can apply the mind to manifest creative action, and we'll be much less effective if it's not focussed. So I've found at that stage, is to work to bring all the various creative levels and forces into alignment. Then your creative process becomes very powerful, and yet still not controlling.

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