So we go into the Christmas holiday, where some will be celebrating while others suffer the challenges of climate crisis, such as in Australia, where bushfires are growing in intensity during a sweltering heat wave - our thoughts and heartfelt feelings go out to you Heart

I recall being out there during the same time as a well known "intentional manifestor" was holding a big gathering, with thousands of people. It causes me to wonder, can people not look in the mirror of the bigger picture? As people intentional manifest, there's not a clue embodied as to the wider impact of their creations. What is true abundance? We are all one. This is known within intentional manifesting too. Yet is seems few put 2 and 2 together and see that what I put out there intentionally, impacts the whole. And therefore I have a responsibility to the whole as well.

Only the flow itself acts on behalf of the whole. Only the flow knows what's best for ALL sentient life.

Just when will this gross intentioning bubble burst? Soon I trust.

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