I still see loads of info out there in the spiritual mainstream about 'intentional manifesting' or 'setting your intention'. Here at Openhand we're firmly saying that this can only be ego based, because as The One, the impulse to create simply arises.

I came across this quote by the well known spiritual teacher Adyashanti the other day, and it's very aligned with the Openhand view...

"The Spiritual Instinct
arises from the very ground of being.
It arises from the truth of our being -
from a dimension of being that's
just not our personal self."

Adyashanti A revoltuion of Being 2020

This is described in a very similar way to Openhand, in which you're centering in your Sacred Ground of Being (what he calls Ground of Being). From which authentic and natural impulses arise through the soul - what he calls 'spiritual instinct'.

Get what I'm talking about?

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