Let's be crystal clear about the way forwards, it's going to get increasingly challenged and challenging in the 3D. Especially in key areas of the planet as outlined above in the video. It's no coincidence that of all the areas the Openhand work could have taken place during 2019, three key areas were of those hardest hit. This is NOT about shirking away from the great challenges we face in front of us. It's going to take a deep well of inner courage and compassion, a way of articulating exactly what is unfolding across our planet, and most importantly, how to help people mediate through their layers of karmic energy.

In the times ahead, the Openhand Facilitator Program will come into its own in this regard. If you feel moved to facilitate the shift in the deepest alchemical and supportive way, if you have the sense of service, and a bundle of warrior energy, compassion, drive and entrepreneurial motivation, then the program would be for you. It's my sense of inspiration to help more facilitators in the shift unfold their gifts and develop their craft in the years ahead.

Openhand Facilitator Program...Is it For You?