As we move into the festive break 2019, in various parts of the world, Gaia is making herself felt in no uncertain terms about the nature of how society exists here. Fire is an incredible mirror. As society has plastered itself across the depth and breadth of the planet, so can nature destroy it. It will probably take more lifetimes of increased awareness for the majority to see the law of cause and affect in full reflection. If you're awake, it's time to be calmed and centred by the incredible power of nature; always working to be as-one with it; and as much as possible, helping others to come into line with it too.

As painful as it may be, I felt to share an update on the Australian bushfires, which are escalating, and showing signs only of increasing in intensity rather than abating. Openhand has held many gatherings in Australia over the years and so I feel a big heartfelt connection to everyone out there. As tough as it may be, know that you are loved unconditionally. Ask always in these life challenging situations, "what can I let go of inside?" And how can I be more connected to the divine? How can I evolve and grow? Then we'll always gain from the loss.

The fires seem to be all aross the country. Our hearts go out to anyone caught up in them Heart