I did wonder if Sydney would be hosting its usual grand fire work display this year, especially as the air there has been already filled with smoke due to the bush fires. I understand that over 25,000 people there have signed a petition for the display to be banned. Here's a report from the BBC...


More than a quarter of a million people have signed a petition calling for Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks to be cancelled and the money spent on fighting fires that threaten the city.

Some A$5.8m (£3m; $4m) was reportedly spent on fireworks in Sydney last year, the petition says.

The display should also be cancelled as it "may traumatise some people" who are dealing with "enough smoke in the air".

But Sydney's lord mayor Clover Moore said the fireworks would go ahead.

Ms Moore said she shared the "deep sympathies" of those who had signed the petition, but the fireworks were planned 15 months in advance and most of the budget had already been spent.

"We can't cancel the fireworks and even if we could, doing so would have little practical benefit," the lord mayor wrote on the petition's website.

However, Australians who signed the Change.org petition said a firework display would be an "insult".

To me, it just shows how out of touch the system is with reality, and what life is reflecting to us. Hence my point in the lead article about a 'parting of the waves' in 2020. We're definitely living in two worlds not one!

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