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Hi Open, Hi Everyone,

I almost wish I'd never seen that awful Australian Tourism video (and not *just* for its ridiculous stereotypical portrayal which I'm sure we have all grown weary of!). As an Australian in Northern NSW which has been terribly affected by horrendous bushfires for the past few months - with hundreds of houses lost locally - I'd agree this video shows the insanity of the shadow side. I would strongly suggest Australia is NOT the best tourist destination right now (!!), and the most depraved part of the video was showing the beautiful koalas you would see if you visited - I believe the numbers of these already-endangered creatures lost in the recent fires are now in the thousands, so that terrible irony is the worst part of the whole video.

A good example, and the 'two worlds' have been clearly displaying here for some time for sure. :-)

Thanks for a wonderful article, Open, it was just what was needed to navigate 2020!

Blessings for the New Year,