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Hi Open,

Thanks for using this as an example of the shadow rising. As I mentioned in my previous comment on your other example of the split energies emerging, I am an Australian living in an area of Northern NSW which has been affected by devastating fires - so reading an article like this just brings up so many emotions, but mostly anger, frustration, helplessness and hopelessness (in the face of authority doing what they want as usual, in spite of the clear requests of the people). My first reaction to this sort of news is to feel like doing something to the politicians to bring home the very-real suffering that so many Australians have been living through - the types of things you wish someone would do to some of these politicians' houses so they can feel what it is like to lose everything they hold dear (without going into descriptions!!). But I know that is just the '3D knee-jerk reaction' and so the imagined satisfaction is only temporary, before reaching the next phase of wondering helplessly what we can effectively do about it that reflects the Higher solution. Sure, if we had the numbers we could boycott such an event as these offensive fireworks, but as you know, it is hard to convince all potential attendees why this would be a good strategy and even harder to coordinate such a protest.

So based on the article above, can you suggest how we can handle the feelings of anger and frustration that arise from being completely ignored by government and authority, and then the helplessness we next feel since there appears 'no solution' (well at least not from the ego viewpoint, of course)? This is really how I have been feeling throughout these fires - the threat has been very real for us constantly for months, and yet I've been doing my utmost to live in a Higher energy versus the constant panic here, which has been extremely difficult. And I believe this is how things are going to be throughout 2020 as well, so I feel a need to get used to this constant vicious distraction / diversion and find more skilled techniques to manage my way into 5D thinking and feeling instead.

Thanks as ever for your articles and books which help me know I'm not alone (and insane, haha)!