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Hi Clare, it's a great question for sure - how to manage frustration and anger with the system as we step forwards into 2020, as it gets more crazy by the day.

As always, when something unbalanced or out of alignment in the outer happens and appears on my landscape, the absolute FIRST thing to do in response is to see where it hits me and what is the tightness? Then to fugure out why am I tight?

So what might the anger and frustration be about?

Is it because of blindness by people in the system? So is there the desire to project blame and anger?

Then you might ask, "how can you blame a blind person for being blind?" How can you blame unconsciousness for being inconscious?

The shadow is necessary to see the light by. And in the world of the Sydney Fireworks, if you're so invested in the system and upholding it, then it still might make some degree of sense. Even though it will looks increasingly rediculous as we go ever forwards through the shift.

Are you frustrated because there "is no solution?"

There is no solution! Particularly in the 3D.

We must work to accept that all realities come and go. None are sacrosanct. The construct will always 'burn down' at some point.

The only solution is to become the "infinite game player" - the universe is constantly transforming, constantly morphing, constantly shaping the new.

So work to become the constant creator, the constant innovator in your life. Create wherever you can, but immediately let go of what you've created.

Create for the act of creation, not for the creation itself.

So here might be some of the sign posts that point to your anger and frustration. And realise that is IS your anger and frustration - that's why YOU too manifested the situation of the Sydney fireworks - how else would you activate that inner tightness?

When you can touch the tightness, animate it and express it outwards. Express but take ownership. Become the one in it. Then let the soul unwind through it.

What new aspect of soul might want to come through?

Perhaps it's the endless optimism and enthusiasm to create, but crucially, WITHOUT any attachment to the creation.

It's a great opportunity to evolve!

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